Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Heather Wight

Spend nights and weekends with your family. Leave the bookkeeping to me.


How I Help You

Virtual Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Catch Up

I give you clean, tax-ready financials for your business. If you are here because you need bookkeeping clean up work, it’s time you stopped the constant worrying. You need to talk with me now. 

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100% Virtual Bookkeeping Services

I provide you with outsourced bookkeeping services for your service-based small business. Whether you are looking for an initial clean up of books that have been put to the side for a little too long or consulting on the appropriate set up for QuickBooks or on-going monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, I am able to help you. 

Grow Money

Monthly Financial Reports - Explained In Plain English

For on-going monthly bookkeeping services, I will prepare monthly financial reports and explain them to you in plain English. You will receive the Income Statement (AKA Profit & Loss Statement), Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows every month. You will be able to understand questions such as how much you are making, where your money is going every month, and who your biggest customer or client is. Just click the “Get Started” button to schedule a free consultation now. 

What You Get From Me

Accurate Record Keeping

Timely Financial Reports

I will send you financial reports for your business and explain them to you in a timely manner, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions each month.

Solid Bookkeeping

I am a certified QuickBooks Online Proadvisor. This means I am able to efficiently work within QuickBooks Online and provide business consulting.

100% Remote Bookkeeping

You get on-going, online bookkeeping support from me, regardless of shut down orders. If your area, or mine, is shut down due to COVID-19, I keep working and providing you with what you need so that you can keep working.

Let's Talk!

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